[Free eBook] The Mars Girl / As Big as the Ritz by Joe Haldeman & Gregory Benford [Science Fiction]

The Mars Girl/As Big as the Ritz by multiple Hugo & Nebula Award-winner Joe Haldeman & fellow Nebula winner and astrophysicist Gregory Benford is an entry in the new Arc Doubles series of tandem novella reprints echoing the old Ace Doubles flipbook paperbacks which would pair two short novels together, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Phoenix Pick Press.

These novellas were originally published in a Science Fiction Book Club anthology in 2006, and in Interzone magazine in 1987. Haldeman’s story is set in a space colony, while Benford’s story involves asteroid settlement and is a revised edition from its original version.

Offered DRM-free, available worldwide through the month of July.

Free throughout July as Phoenix Pick Press’ selected Free Book of the Month directly @ the publisher’s special promotional page (DRM-free ePub/Mobi bundle available worldwide; set the suggested price in the cart to $0.00 before checking out)

There’s also a tie-in sale bundle offer on the page for an additional novella of Haldeman’s, Nancy Kress’ award-winning Beggars in Spain novella, and a classic Jack Williamson tale; all three for just $6. All of the offered sale novellas are both Hugo and Nebula double award-winners.

THE MARS GIRL: Carmen Dula was just like any other girl. Or she used to be, before she spent six months on the spacecraft, John Carter, as part of the first nine families to settle on Mars.

Just like any other teenager she was curious about her new home—who wouldn’t be?—but she did her schoolwork, enjoyed time with her friends, and she started to explore the red planet with the supervision of her guide and friend, Paul Santos; always within the rules set by the colony.

Yet the Administrator, Dargo Solingen, seemed to have it out for her. She had no idea why, but she was blamed for every slight; every transgression. Until one day she had enough.

At night fall, Carmen donned a biosuit and ventured outside on her own—during curfew, while her outside privileges had been suspended. She didn’t have a set goal. All she knew is that she wanted to explore….

*What happened next was beyond her most wildest dreams. But how can she prove what she saw that night, when almost everyone assumes she is lying? *

AS BIG AS THE RITZ: Clayton Donnor grew up in a hard-working mining asteroid community, so when he went to Earth to study at UCLA, he thought all his dreams had come true. Earth was gaudy, effervescent and, above all, it was fun.

Majoring in Comparative Astrophysics, and Minoring in Analytic Economic Morality, Clayton’s aspirations were large. But he had no idea what would be in store for him when he first met Sylvia Rolland, and she invited him home to meet her father.

For Dr. Norman Rollan had created the elusive Brotherworld, a manufactured Hoop world a few kilometres thick, that circled around the Vortex of a black hole twenty kilometres away.

Why did Dr. Rollan not allow any Astrophysicists to visit? What were his colony of genetically- perfect clones hiding? Clayton was determined to find out…


Author: Alexander the Drake

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