[Free eBook] Wilde Stories 2008: The Best of the Year’s Gay Speculative Fiction [LGBT Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology]

Wilde Stories 2008: The Best of the Year’s Gay Speculative Fiction edited by Steve Berman, is the 2008 annual installment in the Wilde Stories series of reprint anthologies collecting the yearly best sfnal short stories featuring gay characters and/or thematic elements, free for a limited time courtesy of LGBT specialty publisher Lethe Press.

This contains stories originally published in the Clarkesworld and now-defunct Subterranean sfnal genre magazines, as well as a Gaylactic Spectrum Award-winning short, and the collection itself was nominated for the 2008 Lambda Literary Award in the LGBT Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror category. Offered DRM-free, available worldwide at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide DRM-free @ Amazon

As such literary movements as interstitial and slipstream gain momentum, more and more authors interweave their traditional stories with gay themes as coming out, homophobia, and self-as-other, with a bit of the strange and weird. Named after one of the founding fathers of gay speculative fiction, Wilde Stories is a new annual anthology that offers readers the best of such stories from the prior year.

Editor Steve Berman, a finalist for both the Lambda Literary and Andre Norton Awards, has collected an engaging selection of the fantastical, the strange, and the scary from such notable authors as Victor J. Banis, Hal Duncan and Lee Thomas. Includes the winner of the Gaylactic Spectrum Award for best queer-themed short story.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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