[Free eBook] The Beasts of Hades by Graham Diamond [Epic Quest Fantasy]

The Beasts of Hades by Graham Diamond, is the 4th novel in his Adventures of the Empire Princess quartet of epic quest fantasy novels, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This was originally published in 1981 by Playboy Press (and was reviewed by Theodore Sturgeon at the time), and the story involves the Princess Stacy reclaiming her usurped empire’s throne, this final adventure taking her into the depths of the enemy’s underworld stronghold with the aid of her companion animal friends. Offered worldwide, available @ Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

The Haven is doomed…

From the tranquil forests of the Haven, a small and gentle rabbit brings a message.

The peace of the empire is now threatened by vicious creatures, maddened with blood-lust. And in their violent wake, there is an unearthly creature: not animal, not man.

With her trusted wolf at her side, and the small rabbit as a guide, Stacy the Empire Princess begins a hellish descent far beneath the forest.

In a subterranean world of fire and brimstone lives the true enemy.

But their plans do not include either the feeble human race or the many animals that live on the earth’s surface in the idyllic land of the Haven.

It is up to Stacy and her animal friends to put a stop to their evil machinations, and end forever their plot to transform the peaceful world into another hell.

The Beasts of Hades is the fourth and final instalment of Graham Diamond’s superb Empire Princess series. Stacy must not fight for once and for all if she is to stop the merciless onslaught of vicious beasts that has descended upon her tranquil Haven.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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