[Free eBook] Sten and the Star Wanderers by Allan Cole [Science Fiction Short Story]

Sten and the Star Wanderers by Allan Cole is a short story in his co-authored Sten series of space opera science fiction, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Wildside Press.

This is a newly-written short story in the popular Sten series of space opera novels about the eponymous galactic empire, co-written during the 80s and 90s with the late Chris Bunch, included as part of the Wildside Presents Discover a New Author!: Allan Cole & Chris Bunch sampler which spotlights new-to-you backlist authors. Offered DRM-free, available worldwide.

Free for a limited time directly @ the publisher’s webstore (DRM-free ePub/Mobi/PDF bundle available worldwide; requires account signup with billing address but no payment info)

A promotional ebook featuring the first 3 chapters of Sten, by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch, plus the complete short story, “Sten and the Star Wanderers,” by Allan Cole.

The publisher says:

“I have enjoyed space opera as long as I have been reading science fiction, and one of the best series in recent memory is the 8-volume “Sten” series, by Chris Bunch and Allan Cole. I know there are a lot of different books fighting for readers’ attention these days, which is why I started the “Discover a New Author!” program: to try to persuade readers to sample worthy writers they might otherwise have missed…in this case, Allan Cole and Chris Bunch. Together they coauthored an astounding 40+ novels and 150+ screenplays, and separately they have published scores of popular science fiction and fantasy novels.

“Chris Bunch passed away in 2005, but Allan Cole is still writing, and he recently returned to the Sten universe — one of their most popular creations — with a few short stories. He has graciously allowed me to include one, “Sten and the Star Wanderers,” in this volume, along with the first three chapters of Sten (book 1 in the series). Read them. Together, they will give you an idea of the quality and feel of the Sten series. And, should you like them, check out Sten and the other 7 volumes of the series (and everything else these fine authors have published.)”


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