[Free eBook] The Faithful Traitor by Robert Don Hughes [Fantasy]

The Faithful Traitor by Robert Don Hughes is the 2nd novel in his Wizard and Dragon duology of traditional high fantasy, free courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’s Venture imprint.

This was originally published in 1992 by Ballantine’s Del Rey imprint. The series is set in a traditional fantasy world, and this story apparently follows up from developments in the first novel, with the protagonist being blamed for the release of the two-headed dragon now ravaging the land and devouring the people, a problem which it now falls upon him to fix even as he loses the support of the populace. Offered worldwide, available @ Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

The beast has been freed…

And now it’s waging destruction.

Seagryn the Powershaper has freed the two-headed dragon, but it was Sheth who made the beast. Now the dragon is scorching the land and devouring its people. And for that, Seagryn is seemingly to blame.

Now a traitor to his former people, Seagryn and his wife are driven from his home as outcasts. Nobody wanted him — nobody but the dragon, Vicia-Heinox.

Seagryn finds himself caught between the people who have disowned him and a malicious – and hungry – two-headed dragon. He must decide once and for all where his true allegiances lie – or else, the city folk might find themselves the prey of an almighty beast…

The Faithful Traitor is the gripping second instalment of the Wizard & Dragon series from Robert Don Hughes, a master of fantasy storytelling in the High tradition.


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