[Free eBook] Rifts of Time by Alan David [Science Fiction]

Rifts of Time by Alan David, a pseudonym for the prolific Donald S. Rowland, is vintage standalone science fiction novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This was originally published in 1976 by Robert Hale, using the pseudonym Graham Garner. The story involves a Space Force veteran who signs up again to take part of an experimental project and ends up exploring unknown dimensions of space and time and their effects on human consciousness. Offered free worldwide @ Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

Nothing could have prepared him for this…

When Dane Marsden was discharged from Space Force, he thought he was finished for good.

Sessions of neuro-adjustment have failed to rehabilitate him from his psychological trauma. But the treatments had unforeseen side-effects: Marsden is unwittingly loaded with unpleasant character traits, forced into social exile as an outcast.

But soon, a special project presents itself, requiring a unique individual. Marsden is exactly the kind of man they need.

Marsden finds himself reinstated in the Force, confronted by far greater challenges from Time than he had ever faced in Space.

His mission: to explore unknown dimensions.

But doing so is no simple matter. Four predecessors had attempted the Project and failed to return.

Marsden is the fifth guinea-pig, and now he is beginning to realise that he is expendable.

His crew are faltering. His will is waning. Venturing into the unknown is no easy task; the mission has become an overwhelming nightmare.

Nothing Marsden has done before could have prepared him for this.

Rifts of Time is a gripping science fiction story of how human consciousness operates when concepts of time become seriously warped. It was previously published under the pseudonym Graham Garner.

Alan David is one of many pseudonyms used by the prolific author Donald S Rowland. His works have spanned three decades, ranging from science fiction to romance, westerns to military fiction. His various names have been attributed to hundreds of titles.


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