[Free eBook] The Friendship by Alison Croggon [YA Epic Fantasy Prequel Short]

The Friendship by Alison Croggon, is a tie-in short story to her Books of Pellinor of quartet of Young Adult epic high fantasy adventure novels, free on a long-term promotional basis courtesy of publisher Walker.

This is a prequel story which fleshes out the background of one of the important supporting characters. Offered at multiple retailers in many countries worldwide outside Canada & the US.

Free on a long-term promotional basis as an introduction to the series, available in many countries worldwide outside North America, where a different publisher holds the rights @ Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Sainsbury (in the UK), and possibly also Google Play for the same countries.

For a limited time, the 1st novel in the quartet, The Gift is offered free as a promotion.

A fascinating and revealing glimpse of the early lives of two major characters from the bestselling Pellinor sequence.

Saliman has travelled to Norloch to study the High Arts under Nelac of Lirigon, one of the greatest Bards in all Annar – but he feels isolated from his fellow students and angry at the prejudice he encounters from them. One such student is Cadvan of Lirigon, who to Saliman seems arrogant and selfish. However, it would seem that the pair are destined to become friends … and that through their growing friendship they will fight the darkening of the Light itself.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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