[Free eBook] Antiterrorismens idéhistorie: Stater og vold i 500 år [Danish Academic Counter-Terrorism History]

Antiterrorismens idéhistorie: Stater og vold i 500 år (History of anti-terrorism ideas: the state and violence over 500 years) edited by by Morten Brænder & Mikkel Thorup is their Danish-language anthology of academic essays and quoted primary source extracts about the history and development of the ideas behind both local and international terrorism and counter-strategies, free for a limited time courtesy of Aarhus Universitetsforlaget (Aarhus University Press) in Denmark.

This covers the past few centuries of world history, including various revolutions, political movements, mercenary and guerilla tactics in a fairly broad range of areas and topics both well-known and obscure, from revolutions like the French Reign of Terror to late 19th century shenanigans going on with the British South Africa Company, to outside-sponsored insurgencies like the decades-long Afghanistan situation, to fascist Italy and Soviet internal politics, a few really old things that happened in Europe near the end of the Renaissance, and more.

Free for a limited time, available throughout February as Aarhus Universitetsforlaget’s featured Danish-language Free Book of the Month @ the university’s website (DRM-free PDF available worldwide), with further information on its catalogue page

Description (in Danish)
Flyene mod New Yorks tvillingetårne, turistmassakren på Bali, bomber og giftgas mod busser, tog og undergrundstog i London, Madrid og Tokyo – terrorismen er over os. Men er det en fuldstændig ny situation? Denne antologi søger svaret i idéhistorien og giver en grundig indsigt i, hvordan antiterrorisme – statens bekæmpelse af terrorisme – har udfoldet sig de seneste 500 år.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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