[Free eBook] Reunion by Sharon Sala [Psychic Romantic Suspense]

Reunion by Sharon Sala is her f/m contemporary romantic suspense novel with supernatural elements, free courtesy of publisher RosettaBooks.

This was originally published by Harlequin’s MIRA imprint in 1999, about a man who after experiencing a traumatic accident begins to experience vivid and disturbing dreams in which he seems to be a serial killer, and the psychic he turns to for help, who winds up falling for him despite her own fears that his dreams may be exactly what they seem. Offered worldwide through February 14th.

Free for a limited time worldwide as RosettaBooks’ daily Valentine’s Day giveaway promotion for February 14th @ Amazon

A true romantic thriller that will have you believing in the unseen…

Gabriel Donner has just lost both parents, and nearly his own life, in a tragic accident. And now he is experiencing something he just can’t handle on his own: psychic dreams, dreams that often end up in the morning paper.

In vivid detail Gabriel’s dreams show him a series of murders—almost as if he were committing them. Telling the police is out of the question. They would never understand how he could know so much and not be guilty. Gabriel reluctantly turns to Laura Dane, a psychic, for answers.

When Laura first comes to Oklahoma City, Gabriel doesn’t trust her. But as she helps him—and as their relationship turns into something more—can they stop the visions, and the murders?


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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