[Free eBook] Easy Street by Elizabeth Sims [LGBT Murder Mystery with Comedy]

Easy Street by Lambda Literary Award-winning author Elizabeth Sims is the 4th novel in her Lillian Byrd Crime series of humorous mystery, free for a limited time courtesy of the author herself.

This was originally published in 2005 by LGBT specialty publisher Alyson Books, and is set in the Detroit area, involving a lesbian freelance writer turned amateur sleuth who inadvertently gets mixed up in yet another zany case when an offer to help a retired police detective friend renovate ends up uncovering a new corpse in the old house.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide DRM-free @ Amazon

Incidentally, this is the series that won the author her Lambda Literary Award for the 2nd novel, and she includes notes on the influences and writing of this novel in the Editorial Reviews section of the product page.

Lillian Byrd’s battered Chevrolet Caprice is convulsing through the last of its death throes; her pet rabbit, Todd, ails; and as usual she’s single—and flat broke. For a few extra bucks she signs on to help an old friend, retired police detective Erma Porrocks, renovate her house, but of course nothing ever goes smoothly in the life of Lillian Byrd.

The end of her first day on the job yields a partially demolished wall, a mysterious stash of cash, and a fresh corpse. And Lillian’s attentions are diverted by the appearance of a drop-dead gorgeous neighbor. In trying to figure out the twisted facts, Lillian uncovers greed, deception, and love, not necessarily in that order!


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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