[Free eBook Update] Dark Deceit by Lauren Dawes [Urban Fantasy with Paranormal Romance]

Now also free @ B&N for the US.

With Blackjack and Hookers

Dark Deceit by Lauren Dawes is the 1st in her Dark series of paranormal urban fantasy novels with strong f/m romantic elements, free courtesy of publisher Pan Macmillan Australia’s Momentum imprint.

This is set in a world where the Norse Aesir and dark elves are living incognito in our modern human cities, and this particular story involves an elven assassin targeting a former Valkyrie. The series seems to be on the borderline between urban fantasy and paranormal romance, as further installments have intertwining plotlines which continue the various characters’ story arcs in addition to the romantic content, and the publisher markets it to fans of Gena Showalter and Patricia Briggs.

Free for a limited time worldwide @ Barnes & Noble UK (UPDATE: now also free in the US store), Amazon, Kobo (DRM-free), iTunes, Google Play, and directly from the Momentum webstore (DRM-free ePub & Mobi bundle…

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