[Free eBook] The Women in His Life by Barbara Taylor Bradford [Contemporary Drama Novel with Romance]

The Women In His Life by Barbara Taylor Bradford is her standalone retro-period contemporary jet-setting drama novel with f/m romantic elements, free courtesy of publisher RosettaBooks.

This was originally published by Random House in 1990, and is an internationally-set sweeping epic personal saga spanning several countries and decades from WWII onwards, about the traumatic boyhood and subsequent rise of a ruthless self-made business tycoon and the various women who loved and left him along the way. This is offered in Canada & the US through February 11th.

Free for a limited time in Canada & the US as RosettaBooks’ daily Valentine’s Day giveaway promotion for February 11th @ Amazon

Billionaire tycoon and corporate robber baron Maximillian West is a man surrounded by myth. Blessed with devastating charm and charisma, he strikes fear into the heart of business leaders—and no woman can resist him. But those who have dared to love him have broken themselves against his most secret defenses. When he meets the woman who finally wins his heart, he must come to understand how the women of his past have sacrificed for him, before he is ready for lasting love.

From the wreckage of post–World War II Berlin to the helm of an international corporation, this sweeping narrative tells the story of a man whose choices have led to his greatest professional successes and his greatest personal failures. Spanning over forty years, The Women in his Life is a story of indomitable will, glittering wealth, and turbulent passion.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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