[Free eBook] Angel by Barbara Taylor Bradford [Contemporary Friendship Drama Novel]

Angel by Barbara Taylor Bradford is her contemporary fiction drama novel, free courtesy of publisher RosettaBooks.

This was originally published by HarperCollins in 1993, and is the story of four young orphaned friends, both female and male, who rise from poverty to success and form a family amongst themselves, encountering intrigue and obstacles along the way.

Free for a limited time through February 8th as RosettaBooks’ daily Valentine’s Day promotional selection, available in Canada & the US @ Amazon

Orphaned at a young age, the lives of Rosie, Gavin, Nell, and Kevin are irrevocably intertwined. Rising from poverty, all four go on to stunning success: Rosie as an award-winning costume designer; Gavin as a world-renowned Hollywood actor; Nell as the head of a global public relations company; and Kevin as the head of the NYPD Crime Intelligence Commission and a leader in the fight against organized crime.

Told with the broad scope and narrative power characteristic of Barbara Taylor Bradford, this book is the story of a family formed by fortune, not blood, as they lose their innocence, follow their passions, triumph over adversity, and ultimately transform their own lives.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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