[Free eBook] Man Without A Heart by Anne Hampson [Contemporary Romance]

Man Without A Heart by the late Anne Hampson is her standalone f/m contemporary romance novel, free courtesy of publisher RosettaBooks.

This was originally published by Silhouette Romance in 1981, and is set in Greece, involving a marriage of convenience between a man and a woman who wish to please his dying mother and agree that they’ll divorce afterwards, only for one of them to find themselves falling for the other in earnest.

Free for a limited time through February 7th as RosettaBooks’ daily Valentine’s Day promotional selection, available worldwide @ Amazon.

When Jill marries Amandios Doxaros, she does it only to make his mother happy in her final years—and to keep him from marrying the woman he truly wanted. Both agree that theirs would be a marriage in name only, to be dissolved at his mother’s death.

Jill never meant to fall desperately in love with Amandios; but her heart had other plans. Soon she must decide whether to try to win his affections for herself—or watch him marry someone else.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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