[Free eBook] The Original Miss Honeyford by M. C. Beaton [Regency Romance]

The Original Miss Honeyford by M. C. Beaton (pseudonym of Marion Chesney) is an f/m historical Regency romance novel, marketed as the 1st in her Love and Temptations series grouping starring especially feisty and independent heroines, free courtesy of publisher Rosetta Books.

This was originally published in 1985, and is about the titular young woman who reluctantly enters the marriage mart in order to snare a rich husband to save her family’s fortunes.

Free for a limited time in most regions worldwide (except the UK, where the rights are still owned by Constable) as RosettaBooks’ daily Valentine’s Day giveaway promotion for February 6th @ Amazon

Miss Honeyford was sour on romance, but she had been duly dispatched to London to save the family fortune by hunting for (and securing) a wealthy husband – and thereby proving her role as a loving if not entirely dutiful daughter. Honoraria obeyed. But if she was reluctantly willing to surrender her hand, this beautiful young lady who could ride, shoot, and argue with any man was not about to lose her head or her heart to any of the dismal cads ‘n lads of the Marriage Mart.

First she met the arrogantly attractive Lord Alistair Stewart, who treated her infuriatingly like a little girl. And then she met the skillfully seductive Lord Channington, who treated her intoxicatingly like the desirable full-grown woman that she was. But now that she had a choice, which role would she choose and just how much risk was she willing to run.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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