[Free eBook] Midnight at the Well of Souls by Jack L. Chalker [Science Fiction]

Midnight at the Well of Souls by the late Jack L. Chalker is the 1st in his The Saga of the Well World series of parallel world travel science fiction novels, free courtesy of publisher Phoenix Pick Press.

This was originally published by Ballantine’s Del Rey imprint in 1977 and involves the legacy of a mysterious vanished race whose computers controlled access to parallel worlds, into which a spaceship captain and several others become trapped. A tie-in promotional discount for the rest of the series, as well as other Chalker books, is also being offered.

Currently free throughout January as Phoenix Pick’s Free Book of the Month selection @ the publisher’s promotional page (DRM-free ePub & Mobi bundle available worldwide; requires a valid email address and resetting the suggested price in the cart to $0.00).

An additional 4 options for purchasing other titles by author Chalker at a significant discount can be found on the promotional page. Suggested minimum prices range from $9 for the remaining 4 Saga of the Well World novels to $20 for a 15-book bundle additionally containing the Dancing Gods and The Four Lords of the Diamond series (both available separately), as well as a standalone novel and a short story collection, with payment via Paypal.

Well World: Jack Chalker’s most beloved invention

Welcome to the Well World: a construct of an ancient defunct race known as the Markovians. The Well World acts both as the controller of and the gateway to 1560 worlds created by the Markovians at the end of their time.

Nathan Brazil is a starship captain carrying passengers and cargo from planet to planet. Answering a distress call, he (with others) is suddenly transported to the Well World by a hidden gate.

There Nathan Brazil must stop mysterious forces from taking control of the Well World, and through the Well World, the universe. But to do so, he must deal with bizarre transformations which have changed people into centaurs, mermaids and giant insects. In this strange land, inhabited by these strange transformed creatures, who are his friends, and who are his enemies? And what of his own memories, which seem to have been deeply suppressed?


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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